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Otwarte Dni w Varii


You always wanted to learn Polish but there was never a right time? Or maybe you couldn't find the right school? ...
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Let's go to the museum!


Feel warmly invited to... the museum! :)
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Varia Students' get-together - feel invited!


“In the programme”: fun & long late-hour conversations (in Polish of course). :)
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Varia Talki - groups A2.2-C1


The first Varia Talki will be held this Friday, 03.03.2017, at 6.00 pm, at VIA CAFFE, Plac Wolnica 9 and is dedicated to students at levels A2.2-C1. 
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Varia Talki - 4 spotkania w semestrze!


We are happy to announce that Varia Talki season is open! :) This semester, Varia conversation meetings will take place... 4 times!
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