Kraków deeply-rooted in literature

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On the streets of Krakow there's a hackney and a carriage. The hackney is so inspired that it would also write a poem - are the words that Maciej Stuhr, a satirist, sang in a parody of a well-known song of Grzegorz Turnau.

In the opinion of the rest of Poland, the dwellers of Kraków are divided into two categories: those who write books and those who read them. But how could it be different in the UNESCO city of literature? If you feel already tired of winter pastimes, but you are not yet into spring activities – free time spent with a good book is never wasted. We have a few ideas for beginers as well as advanced learners of the Polish language on how to become friends with Polish literature in Krakow.

If you enjoy walks through beauty spots and streets of Kraków and just as Sherlock Holmes you track down places still undiscovered by tourists, we recommend Reading Małopolska. A lot of thematic paths were prepared as a part of this project. They will lead you outside the capital of Małopolska. Would you like to find out where Balzac stayed while he was in Kraków or which of the cafés in Kraków changed into a tavern Pod Mocnym Aniołem? Or would you like to follow the steps of Sławomir Mrożek? If so, you definitely should have a look at:

But if you become tired of walks, stop by in one of many bookshop-cafés in Kraków, for instance: Czuły Barbarzyńca (ul. Powiśle 11), BONA Książka i Kawa (ul. Kanonicza 11), where among other bookworms, with a cup of good coffee, you have a possibility to enjoy your brand new book. For those at the beginning of their journey with Polish, we recommend Massolit Books & Café (ul. Felicjanek 4) where, apart from delicious things, you can find English versions of Polish literature.

If you don't know which book to take for a walk through Kraków – you are invited to Varia. We will recommend something for sure. :)

Enjoy your book!


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