Polish on the football pitch

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Despite the EURO 2016 games being over, we are all about football here at Varia. Along with the new season, MKS Cracovia’s footballers welcomed a new player in their team – Magda Górna, our teacher, with whom they have been studying Polish for over a month now! :)

Magda’s class is as international as can be: Robert from Hungary, Anton from Bulgaria, Florin from Romania and Diego from Brasil.

Magda assures that all five of them are attentive and hard-working students, who come well-prepared not only for football practice, but for her Polish classes as well. We are sure they could already have a chit-chat in Polish with the lady at Dworzec Główny counter and buy a ticket to Szczebrzeszyn. :) See for yourselves!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Okg6ex08Kys&feature=share 

Meanwhile at Varia we continue cheering for our football students with fingers crossed for their sports and linguistic success.

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