In the footsteps of love – creative ways on Valentine's Day in Kraków.

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Valentine's Day is getting closer. :) February 14 is the international day of love and lovers. That is why, together with our Polish language lectors we have prepared some interesting ideas on how you can spend the day with your "other half".

For those who love long walks:

  • Kładka Bernatka – (Bernatka Footbridge

Also known as the Kraków Bridge of Love. The legend preaches that the couple which hangs the padlock on the bridge will never part.

How does it work?:

  1. Take your “other half”
  2. Go for a lovely walk in Kazimierz
  3. Buy the padlock
  4. Go to the bridge
  5. Pin the padlock on the railing
  6. Throw the key into the water
  7. Give each other a kiss
  8. Live happily ever after :)​

Location: Old Town, Kraków (area between Kazimierz and Podgórze)

  •  Romantic Lanckorona

It is a very beautiful place, situated near Kraków. On the lovely market square you can have a nice coffee, and afterwards you can go on castle hill. On the top of the hill you will see the ruins of the castle, surrounded by a serene forest, where you can take a walk down the Aleja Zakochanych (Lovers Alley) or Aleja Cichych Szeptów (Silent Whispers Alley).

Location: Market, Lanckorona, district Wadowice

  • Przegorzały Castle

Another interesting place to visit is Przegorzały Castle. From here you can see the panorama of Krakow (and with a little luck and good weather even Tatry). During the visit in the castle you can also have a cup of nice tea on the terrace. It is a great place for a romantic Valentine's Day.

Location: Jodłowa 13 Street, Kraków


For active ones:

  • Rink

For all those who want to take advantage of the fact that is freezing could outside, we recommend ice skating. Great fun in good company. :) In Kraków you will find two places where you can go ahead and take your "other half". Good background music and mulled wine is a recipe for a lovely evening together.

Location I: Ice rink Cracovia, Siedleckiego 7 Street, Kraków
Location II: Ice rink Kraków, Elisenberg 2 Street, Kraków

  • Colorful stairs in Podgórze

It is an interesting place in Kraków, though not very well known. On each of the stairs you will find a different quote, eg .:

1. "Sandwich in the middle of the night is always good" – Moomin Pappa
2. "At least the sun is always free" - Murakami
3. “Happiness is a journey not a destination”

And many, many others…

We hope that each of the quote will be a good omen for your happy future. Together, you can run up and down, keeping each other company. Also, in this area you will find a wonderful Bednarski Park, which is worth to look on and take a long walk.

Location: Tatrzańska Street in Podgórze District, between the streets and the square Lasota Andrzej Potebni

For foodies:

  • Polish-style dinner at home

A good alternative to dining at a restaurant is to cook dinner at home – something different, something nice :). You can prove your cooking skills, and spend nice time together at home.

Polish dinner:

1. Pierogi  (Dumplings) – cooking together will bring you closer
2. Schabowy z ziemniakami i surówką (Pork chop with potatoes and salad) – for meat-lovers :)
3. Rosół – (Chicken soup) - to warm you up after a romantic walk

Location: Your own apartment :)

Lovers dictionary ... How to confess love in Polish way:

  1. Kocham Cię – I love you
  2. Jesteś Śliczna/y – You are beautiful
  3. Jesteś całym moim światem – You are my whole world
  4. Gotujesz lepiej niż moja mama – You cook better than my mom
  5. Jesteś przystojny jak Marcin Dorociński (polski odpowiednik Brada Pitta :)) – You are as handsome as Marcin Dorociński (Polish version of Brad Pitt)

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