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If your home is sunny Spain, hot Columbia or always-green Venezuela, our Polish winter might be slightly surprising for you. Sometimes the temperature drops to -15 Celsius degrees, the other time you wake up to see the frost outside your window and freshly snow fallen. The question is – what to do when it’s freezing outside? If your strategy is sneaking from one cosy and warm place to the other, it might come as a surprise that Poles seem not to be bothered with cold. Sun or snow – there is always a crowd on the streets. But there is more to it than just taking long walks in all weather conditions. Here comes the list of our typically Polish activities we just love performing during winter-time! Perhaps you’ll fancy try some of them 😉


  • We sliiiide – on a footpath, in a park or on a professional ice-rink! We’re recommending you rinks on Hala Targowa and Cracovia.


  • Building a snowman and throwing snowballs at each other is an entertainment we’ve been enjoying since we’re very little. Just show us snow outside the window, and we’ll be out there playing in the white powder.


  • Poles are big fans of skiing and snowboarding. In Poland we have slopes for everyone – whether you’re a complete beginner or winner of a giant slalom – surely you’ll find a mountain for yourself.


  • New trend – skitouring and cross-country skiing. Our national hero is Justyna Kowalczyk – Olympic champion in cross-country skiing, so nowadays more and more people follow in her footsteps. The ones who enjoy beautiful, winter landscapes usually decide on skitouring and speed up and down the mountains on their skis.


  • And how about visiting our Baltic sea? Have you ever seen a beach covered with a snow? Or perhaps you’d like to join the toughest men and jump into the freezing Baltic (the temperature may drop below 0°C). Whether the cold bath or walk by the seaside seem more attractive to you, Baltic at this time of year is a gorgeous view.


  • Since Adam Małysz – another hero of all Poles - won a dozen ski-jumping competitions, we all have become biggest ski-jumping fans! Watching and talking about Winter Olympics has become our national hobby. So don’t be surprised if during next party, you’ll get involved in a conversation on the topic.


  • If you go on a trip to one of Tatra’s valleys, surely you will see speeding sledges and slides. And it’s not just fun for children! Sooo, let’s grab the slides!


  • The closest thermal pools from Kraków are Szaflary and Bukowina Tatrzańska. They are great option for the ones really missing some warmth 😉 For the most daring ones – get out of the hot water and roll in the snow. And back to the water!


  • If you’ve never tried it before, you should definitely go for a kulig. You go in a row of sledges pulled by a horse or a tractor, and trust me – it just feels amazing! And after a kulig – obligatory campfire and warm meal heated over the fire. Really, really recommended!


  • After all the outdoor activities, all Poles love to meet up in a bar and drink mulled wine or hot, spicy beer (try it before judging!). So if you see a laughing bunch of fellows with steaming cups and red faces, it’s not necessarily their 5 o’clock tea 😉


Winter doesn’t need to be boring! Feeling inspired?

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