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Online lessons at Varia

Recently, Polish language online courses for foreigners have been extremely popular. People satisfied with the classes conducted via the Internet can already be counted in tens of thousands...
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Do you want to learn Polish? Here you are! We have school and online courses for you – on all levels of proficiency.  Check out what course offer we have prepared for 2021.
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Od karpika do śledzika. A short culinary guide to Polish Christmas.

There is no denying it, Christmas is just around the corner! We made a short culinary guide to help you prepare for Polish-style Christmas...
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Intensive summer courses

Od początku czerwca aż do końca września Varia staje się wyjątkowym miejscem... Chcecie wiedzieć co będzie dalej? 
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Spring in Kraków

Yay! The spring has finally arrived! There is the sun, energy and plenty of free time… 😉 Whether the warm days mean more outdoor sport for you or sweet naps in a hammock, we have a few propositions, that you might find interesting!
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