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Poles' favourite words and catchphrases :)


Do Poles have their favourite words and catchphrases? It’s hard to say. Perhaps, it is a generation-environment issue.
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Autumn at Varia :)


Autumn has begun, and with it long evenings, which will be nice to spend with a cup of good tea and… with a Polish language course at Varia.
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Is it worth investing money in online courses?


Do you know that according to Harvard Business School research conducted in Fall 2019, a third of all students take online courses? 😊
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How are you doing in this difficult time? We hope that you are brave and think positively. As a part of "positive activities" 😊 we would like to invite you to join the Polish online courses. We have prepared an attractive offer for you, you will love it 😊 Let’s take a look! 1. Two-week online group intensive course                               ...
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Polish language courses that may interest you!


New year, new plans 😊, new courses ... You will certainly find something for yourself. Read, think, call us if you have questions.
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