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Intensive Polish course in 3 weeks


Have you just arrived to Kraków? Are you preparing to start studies or work in Poland? Or maybe you want to talk in Polish at the grocery store, post office or in a taxi?
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Nowy semestr w Varii!


We’re happy to announce a new semster at Varia! On the 10th of June we start the new semester courses. It will last until the 17th of September and we guarantee that you won’t get bored with us😊 Beside the regular classes we will be meeting also outside of the classroom – on the conversational meetings, integration parties and outdoor classes.
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Polish in cosmetology


Do you work in a beauty salon? Do you know the basis of Polish language? Would you like to feel more at ease while talking with clients or perhaps  you lack some professional vocabulary? We’re inviting you to our new course Polish in cosmetology. You will learn the most useful words and phrases in a beauty salon. You will practice dialogs and grammar. We’ll make sure that you get a chance to work on your pronunciation and accent.
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Summer memories


We’re quite melancholic at Varia today as we need to wait until June for the next summer courses ☹
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Nowy kurs semestralny w wakacje!


New idea – new semester! In June a new semester course will start! It will take place from 10.06.2019 until 17.09.2019, so you could continue your studies during holiday season 😊
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