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Is it worth investing money in online courses?


Do you know that according to Harvard Business School research conducted in Fall 2019, a third of all students take online courses? 😊
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How are you doing in this difficult time? We hope that you are brave and think positively. As a part of "positive activities" 😊 we would like to invite you to join the Polish online courses. We have prepared an attractive offer for you, you will love it 😊 Let’s take a look! 1. Two-week online group intensive course                               ...
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Polish language courses that may interest you!


New year, new plans 😊, new courses ... You will certainly find something for yourself. Read, think, call us if you have questions.
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Summer at Varia


Intensive Polish classes, discovering Kraków, extra workshops and activities on Polish culture and great people from all over the world... 
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Comming Courses at Varia


Comming courses at Varia… We’re happy to announce a new semster at Varia! On the 10th of June we start the new semester course. It will last until the 17th of September and we guarantee that you won’t get bored with us😊 Besides the regular classes, we will be meeting also outside of the classroom – on the conversational meetings, integration parties and outdoor classes. We’re provide classes on all levels. You can study in the mornings or in...
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