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Time for Polish! Courses that may interest you…


Polish? If not now, then when? So don't put off your study and start working now. Check our offer and choose the best course for you. 😊
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What to do in Krakow during the long weekend in May despite the pandemic? :)


The long May weekend is coming. Perhaps, you will have an opportunity to get to know Cracow and its surroundings better.
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Poles' favourite words and catchphrases :)


Do Poles have their favourite words and catchphrases? It’s hard to say. Perhaps, it is a generation-environment issue.
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Autumn at Varia :)


Autumn has begun, and with it long evenings, which will be nice to spend with a cup of good tea and… with a Polish language course at Varia.
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Is it worth investing money in online courses?


Do you know that according to Harvard Business School research conducted in Fall 2019, a third of all students take online courses? 😊
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