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This week in Varia…


WORKSHOP “The best of Poland” On the 14th of November we’d like to invite you for a workshop. VARIA – TALKI     converastions „Corporate job – fit for everyone?” On the 16th of November (Frida) we’re meeting with advanced groups (B & C levels) to talk about life at a corporation 😊
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Summer memories


We’re quite melancholic at Varia today as we need to wait until June for the next summer courses ☹
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Varia Integration Party coming soon!


Dear all! Exactly in one week we will meet at a special Varia meeting!
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We’re inviting you to our Varia, summer party.  
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Summer at Varia


Vacation is perfect time for taking up new challenges 😊 And learning Polish might become one of them! Take a look what we have to offer you.
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