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‘How to prepare yourself for an interview?’ - workshop!


Are you searching for a job or internship in Poland? Maybe you’re graduating soon and thinking about starting your carrier path? We’re inviting all students and absolvents to take part in free workshops: ‘How to prepare yourself for an interview?’
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Nowy kurs semestralny w wakacje!


New idea – new semester! In June a new semester course will start! It will take place from 11.06.2018 until 14.09.2018, so you could continue your studies during holiday season 😊
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Kissing a hand - savoir-vivre workshops


Dear student! You’re much invited for Polish savoir-vivre workshops that will take place this Monday (23.04) at 1:45 p.m.
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Do you want to learn Polish? Then you’re in the right place! We’re providing courses on all levels. You can study in the morning or in he evening, take an intensive daily course or visit us regularly twice a week. Or perhaps the most suitable for you would be weekends? Check out which courses have just begun or will be starting shortly. We still have free spots available!
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New semester at Varia!


Hi! Do you feel that learning Polish is really your thing? Or perhaps you’ve decided to learn totally new language this year 😊? It doesn’t meter whether you already speak Polish or you just want to start your adventure with the language! Whether you have the time in the morning or in the evening – we’ll find the right group for you!   At our courses the classes take place twice a week (2x90 min), in the morning (9.30 am – 11.00am) or in the evening...
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