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Lato w mieście


Kraków to miasto, które tętni życiem 24 godziny na dobę i nie bierze sobie urlopu nawet na wakacje. :) To właśnie latem czeka na Was w Krakowie najwięcej kulturalnych atrakcji: festiwale muzyczne, koncerty w oryginalnej scenerii, piknikowanie i plażowanie, kino plenerowe… 
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Dzień dobry wakacje! Varia summer party for foreigners!


Saturday night in the heart of Krakow, great people from all over the world, summer’s in the air, the feet are tapping to the beat of music…
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Ostatni intensywny 3-tyg. kurs przed wakacjami


In just a week we are about to start our very last 3-week intensive course this semester, so don't miss the chance to boost your Polish before summer! :)
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Weekend majowy w Varii


We would like to remind you about the upcoming Spring break, duting which the semester, weekend and intensive classes are not held.
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Easter break at Varia


Please remember about the Easter break during which your semester groups don’t meet for classes.
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