1. The school operates under the sanitary regime.
  2. Only healthy people without any disease symptoms, such as cough and fever, may participate in the classes at school.
  3. Lessons are conducted in small groups with an appropriate social distance.
  4. Touch surfaces, including desks, door handles and light switches, are regularly disinfected.
  5. Classrooms are ventilated regularly.
  6. The school provides employees and students with an appropriate number of dispensers containing hand sanitizer.
  7. Wearing a face mask and hand disinfection are obligatory during lessons, in classrooms and in the common areas of the school (corridor, the office).
  8. In the event of a suspected Covid-19 infection either of a student or school employee, the school notifies the appropriate sanitary-epidemiological station. Further actions are determined by the instructions of the sanitary-epidemiological station.
  9. The school management follows the information of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Minister of Health on an ongoing basis, available at,